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by Lauren Messiah

Nothing is more exciting than landing a job interview with a company or a person you really respect and admire. The emails or call comes, you jump up and down, you call your friends and family to share the news, you start visualizing your future at this magical company.

Then the panic sets in.

What are you going to wear? Do you buy a new outfit? Do you go conservative or do you show off your personal style? Should you get a haircut? What about your nails?

So many questions, so much stress. Lucky for you, I have all the answers.

dress[1]1.) It’s Better to Overdress than to Underdress. When in doubt, dress up. No one can ever fault you for looking too good. Dressing up shows you respect yourself and the company you are interviewing for.

2.) Keep Your Personal Style to a Minimum. Are you known for wearing crazy hats or are you a real fan of nail art? That’s wonderful but there is no room for that during an interview. Show off your personal style with a great pair of shoes (closed toe), a bold colored handbag, or a statement necklace. I always say one conservative piece (a compliment inducing accessory) will do the trick.

3.) Get Groomed. You aren’t getting ready for prom but do set aside to get yourself together. Manicured nails and fresh blowout will not only make you feel more confident, potential employers take notice to how you care for yourself.

I know what you are thinking, all that talk is great but seriously, what do I wear?

And finally, I have just had to throw in these seemingly obvious no-nos …

  • NO cut off shorts. I’ve had the extreme displeasure of interviewing a girl who wore cut off shorts
  • NO crazy makeup. Save your YouTube tutorial makeup experiments for another day. Go natural and avoid bold lips- the chances of you getting lipstick on your teeth is too high.
  • NO crazy hairstyles. Again, you are the star of the show – not your hair or your makeup. Keep your hair out of your face and “normal”
  • NO ill-fitting clothing. Sure it fits the criteria style-wise for an interview outfit but if it doesn’t fit then it’s not perfect.