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by BLR


Here are some of the top trends in recruiting that promise to change the way organizations identify, engage, and ultimately hire top talent in the coming years and how employers can adapt procedures to these changes to ensure a successful recruiting program.

There are three major trends in how companies connect with top talent in today’s challenging recruiting landscape. These include:


1. Increasing role of the employer brand

Two-thirds of HR leaders surveyed say their organization is more focused on employer branding than they were 5 years ago. Additionally, more than half (57%) attribute their company’s ability to attract top talent to a strong brand. Not only does an enhanced employer brand help draw in qualified candidates, but it can also lead to improved corporate awareness and reputation.

Moreover, the top three reasons why organizations succeed in attracting top talent were found to be a pronounced reputation and brand, strong industry appeal, and competitive salary and benefits. These factors further drive the need for companies to continually enhance their brand to stand out as an employer of choice.


2. Culture and aptitude fit win over skills

Company culture has an enormous impact on attracting and retaining top talent, which explains why many of the companies noted for their unique, enjoyable work cultures are also some of the most profitable. Investing in the creation and continuous improvement of a differentiated company culture should be a priority for C-suite executives. At the same time, aptitude, personality, and cultural fit will emerge as key factors in the talent selection process, favored over traditional hiring factors, such as specific qualifications.

Focusing on aptitude and attitude to do the job, and investing in learning and development to build needed skills and qualifications, will enable organizations to expand their talent pool and enhance their culture.


3. The rise of online talent communities

More employers will build robust talent communities throughout 2015 to engage with a larger talent pool. This will provide access to passive and active candidates, past applicants, current and former employees, and other members who help employers find the talent they’re looking for.

Overall, the company found that 50% of employers plan to invest in social media and online community management in 2015 to better tap this source of talent.